Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turn your lights down, you son of a bitch!

To the cunt fucks who drive around with their lights on bright the whole time, fuck you! Whether I get blinded by your headlights from straight up in front of me or while we drive a whole stretch of road with you on bright behind me - Cut it the fuck out!  Don't give me bullshit that you can't see or you forgot it was on bright. There's a fuckin little lamp light on the dash that's blue that indicates you are on bright. If you don't know that, give up your goddamn license. And if you're excuse is its too dark you can't see? Get the fuck off the road pussy dick, you're not fit to drive you ignorant asshole.

Now if you're the special kind of bright headlight abusing bitch that just keeps it on bright cause you're an assfucking, king of the road, son of a fucking bitch (yeah thats your whore mother), cunt motherfucker, I'd love nothing but to fucking bash your face in with a barbwired baseball bat, assclown.

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